Diane recently helped me with my kitchen re-model and it was the best decision I ever made. I had dreamed of having my kitchen re-modeled for years, I truly mean years. We have lived in our home for 23 years and finally last July we bit the bullet and had it re-modeled.

The big piece that scared me about having the kitchen re-modeled was all of the decisions my husband and I would have to make together in the process. I had a sense of what I wanted in a kitchen but the task of pulling it all together was daunting.

Diane served me in many roles. Her first visit out to my home was really finding out how we envisioned our space. She was able to easily understand the look we wanted and enhance our ideas while giving us suggestions and ideas that never occurred to us. She has an excellent structural eye and made a number of suggestions (that were not expensive) that made a huge difference.

She guided us the entire way from selecting a contractor, to blue print design, to picking out the cabinetry, flooring, granite, lighting, furniture, sink, appliances, fixtures, furniture placement, window treatments, paint, picture placement...the list goes on.

Working with Diane was like working with a trusted friend. She was always available to me with great solid advice and great ideas. My husband and I feel that her cost was worth every penny.