My husband and I were beyond pleased with the extensive decorating project Diane (and Mila) completed for us. I had never used a decorator before but had heard nightmare stories about those who over-promise or are too pushy. Not so with Diane Bishop. The process was actually enjoyable–like having two nice friends gently guide me. They offered just the right nunmber of choices. Their offerings are unique, things I couldn’t find in the stores or online with the end effect coordinated, muted and easy to live with, yet with a dramatic flair. I could never have done thit on my own. Having done a lot of shopping, I felt their pricing was reasonable, especially considering the high quality. I highly recommend Diane Bishop!


Diane Bishop Interiors is awesome. We highly recommend them for any interior project. They listened, provided a design that fit our taste, and addressed any issues or concerns on a timely basis. We highly recommend them.

Amy P.

I first worked with Diane over 10 years ago, when she created a coordinated color palate for our first floor and helped to accessorize the spaces. I was considering a complete overhaul of our finished basement about two years ago, and Diane is the first person I thought of. She and her team got to work and the transformation – including a custom desk and workspace that is the best I’ve ever seen – is truly amazing. Based on that fantastic experience, I immediately engaged her and Carolyn to redo most of our first floor. We selected new hardwood flooring, completely redecorated the living room, and made major enhancements to the dining room, kitchen, and family room. This was all done during COVID, so we had to work through timing problems, supply shortages, and other issues, and Diane never lost her cool – even when I was ready to! My husband and I are so happy with the results – I highly recommend Diane!

Donna G.

Diane and her team are truly exceptional.They listened to the feel and look that I wanted to achieve in the family room. They were patient, open to my suggestions and provided choices of furniture and accessories that are unique. I highly recommend Diane Bishop Interiors and would happily use them again for the next room that I redecorate.

Kathy W.

Diane did an excellent job and we absolutely love our fireplace room!!! We have been in our house for over 15 yrs and had trouble using the space properly. Diane listened to what we wanted to accomplish and designed a beautiful space (great furniture, rugs, newly painted & unique layout, etc) that we now use all of the time. It’s cozy, elegant and everyone now gravitates to this room. I can’t thank Diane enough (& Mila) for what they accomplished for us. Wish I would have done this 10 yrs ago…So worth it too! Thanks!!!

Sherri K.

It was a wonderful experience to work with Diane and her team on redecorating our home. She spent so much time with us just getting to know what we like from paint color to furnishings. Her goal was to make us feel happy and she succeeded!!!. I only wish I had started with Diane sooner.

Rose C.

Diane Bishop and her team are a pleasure to work with. Diane has helped us on a few projects from choosing paint colors and rearranging our furniture to designing our renovation. We renovated our kitchen, dining room, den, master bedroom and master bath. We love the finished product—our house is beautiful! Living in a house while it was being renovated is, as you can imagine, very stressful. Diane was a calming force for us from beginning to end. She was very helpful, patient and kind when we were going crazy with all of the decisions that needed to be made. She has a great talent for pulling it all together and laying it out in a sensible order. Diane can turn any home into a work of art!

Meghan E.

I have been working with Diane and her team for many years. She will do whatever we need from just picking out paint colors to helping fully design rooms. She listens to all my needs and is very patient. I just love everything she has helped me pick out and I can’t wait for her to help me redesign my bedroom!!

Kari G.

When I have a decorating project, I call Diane Bishop. I’ve been working with Diane and her fabulously talented team for years and am always thrilled with the results. The team listens carefully and provides lots of options to choose from to make sure the project fits my needs and my budget. A great experience overall.

Jane M.

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Diane and her team on my home project, from start (a townhome with all white walls upon move-in) to an amazingly gorgeous total home transformation with vibrant, warm colors everywhere-all coordinated through a color palette Diane created. Most importantly, it’s so fun to work with Diane!

She even helped my sisters and me decorate our Mom’s Maris Grove apartment which turned out so warm and lovely for Mom. Diane is a decorating angel sent from above!

Julianna B.

We built a new home 2.5 years ago and recently finished a project with Diane to upgrade our open concept Family Room/Morning Room/Kitchen space from a white, cold space into a warm, country chic space that we are proud to call ours. We are two busy, working parents and the space now reflects more of our personality. It is a nice refuge to come home to at the end of a crazy day and busy week. Our end result is 10X better than if we had tried to attempt decorating it on our own. Everything that they recommended – paint colors, furniture, fabrics, window treatments, accent pieces, artwork, and even pictures of our family – works so nicely together. We would highly recommend Diane and her team to others and hope to work with them again in the future on other projects in our home.

Diane McC.

Diane Bishop is fantastic! I love working with her. She is a wonderful person and her work speaks for itself. I’ve seen her over the years both personally and professionally and I am always blown away by her work. Check out her Philadelphia Magazine Design Homes on her website; gorgeous! I highly recommend her.

Donna R.

I have worked with Diane on several home redecorating projects over the past 5 years. We decided to completely redecorate our living room and office (attached with French doors). It was a daunting project to me and I did not even know how to begin or really knew what I wanted. I consulted with Diane and her team which I found about by accident, just happened to see her storefront. I was struck immediately by her calmness and personal warmth. When she came out to the house, she listened carefully to few things I knew we wanted – a living room that’s livable and comfortable not too formal but with a different feel from the family room. What I loved about Diane is that based on our discussion, she showed me a few choices in colors, fabrics, furniture so that I was not overwhelmed. We went from there and added pieces and accents. The process was painless and the end result was wonderful. Everyone one who visits wants to sit in that room and comments on its comfort and style. When I decided to do my kitchen, which I had been putting off for years, naturally I contacted Diane. Again, she helped me enormously, first with the most important choice, finding a contractor, and with all of the myriad decision making and I really leaned on her expertise and her guidance in the selection of so many things. Diane pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit and I love the results. Moreover, Diane is a fabulous person who company I genuinely enjoyed!! I highly recommend her team.

Lisa G.

Diane turned my home into my personal paradise! She helped me clarify my vision and then turned it into my beautiful reality. My home sweet home!!

Michael K.

Diane Bishop is one of the most talented designers I have ever met. I have known her for many years and I have a beautiful live-edge coffee table in my home that she helped me pick out. In addition to being a fabulous designer she is an even nicer person. Wish there were more than 5-stars to give!

Theresa F.

When my husband and I built a new home earlier this year, Diane and her team were there every step of the way. Professional recommendations, on paint, furniture, window treatments, and accessories, we couldn’t have asked for more! Diane was always available to answer our many questions and eager to give us the best advice. If you are looking for an interior designer, contact Diane Bishop Interiors. You will not be disappointed!

Anita S.

We used Diane when we bought and renovated a home in 2013. She was a pleasure to work with. We still get compliments on our home. Diane understood our design style and was very respectful of our budget as well. She was able to incorporate some of our treasured pieces with new pieces.

Nancy S.

I’ve worked with Diane and her team for years now and they have always delivered! I appreciate her flexibility and attention to detail no matter whether I am doing a small project, just need her consult or I am redecorating the entire house (as she recently helped me do.) Her recommendations have been spot on and I’ve never felt pressure to purchase from her vs others. The end product is great.

Eileen S.

I have done two projects with Diane and am ready to do more. Diane and Mila have paid attention to my tastes as well as guiding me to beautiful and exquisite choices I would never dreamed possible. The finished project exceeds my imagination and its beauty is timeless. Practically, is a necessity for my family and the rooms combine form and function. I am delighted with how it has all turned out!

John B. at OddityTVandSound

OddityTVandSound has worked with Diane Bishop interiors on several similar projects. Including Art, Shelving and of course, wall mount Tv’s. Her elegant designs and skill speak for themselves. She is astoundingly professional and very easy to work with. If you are unsure of what to do with a particular space, she will be happy to design something wonderful for your home. Contact her today for an in home consultation.

Roger M.

We have very much enjoyed working with Diane and her team. Her designs are truly amazing and so perfect for our family!

Tricia G.

Diane recently helped me with my kitchen re-model and it was the best decision I ever made. I had dreamed of having my kitchen re-modeled for years, I truly mean years. We have lived in our home for 23 years and finally last July we bit the bullet and had it re-modeled. The big piece that scared me was all of the decisions my husband and I would have to make together in the process. I had a sense of what I wanted in a kitchen but the task of pulling it all together was daunting. Diane served me in many roles. Her first visit out to my home was really finding out how we envisioned our space. She was able to easily understand the look we wanted and enhance our ideas while giving us suggestions and ideas that never occurred to us. She has an excellent structural eye and made a number of suggestions (that were not expensive) that made a huge difference.

Rose C.

Diane Bishop and her team are a pleasure to work with. Diane has helped us on a few projects from choosing paint colors and rearranging our furniture to designing our renovation. We renovated our kitchen, dining room, den, master bedroom and master bath. We love the finished product—our house is beautiful! Living in a house while it was being renovated is, as you can imagine, very stressful. Diane was a calming force for us from beginning to end. She was very helpful, patient and kind when we were going crazy with all of the decisions that needed to be made. She has a great talent for pulling it all together and laying it out in a sensible order. Diane can turn any home into a work of art!

Lisa K.

When I asked the realtor who helped my husband Ray and me find our new home for the recommendation of an interior designer, she didn’t hesitate to suggest Diane Bishop. As soon as I spoke with Diane, I understood why the realtor immediately thought of her.

From the start, Diane was most concerned about gaining an understanding of what Ray and I wanted with respect to both style and comfort. She spent time getting to know us on a personal level and addressing our likes and dislikes with respect to design and how we planned to live in and enjoy our new home. She was methodical about considering every aspect of a room while prioritizing the things that we mentioned were most important to us. Diane is warm and engaging, and she made it a pleasure to be a part of the process alongside her.

Diane gave us a beautiful living room and dining room combo with unique and stunning pieces that have both flair and simplicity, and she created the ease of living that we had been seeking. We would have never been able to have done this without her, and we ended up with exactly what I had hoped for: the feel of home for us as well as for our family and friends. Diane did this all while understanding our budget and making sure we worked within it and also dealing with any bumps that arose along the way in a timely and professional way.

In summary, I can’t say enough good things about Diane and her talented colleague Mila. I would highly recommend Diane Bishop Interiors to anyone seeking only the best in every aspect of designing a home that is perfect for their design needs.

North Penn Art

Diane is great to work with. She constantly stays up to date with the latest trends and is always attending conferences to make sure they have the best quality products for their clients. I would highly recommend working with them.

Alessia M.

We hired Ms. Bishop to decorate my parents living room. My family members have very different taste and we entrusted Ms. Bishop to incorporate our various perspectives into one room. She thoughtfully listened to our needs and point of views.

Anita & Jerry S.

Our family home of 38 years sold unexpectedly last spring. We purchased a townhouse with the idea of renovating the kitchen, living room and basement. We had some pieces of furniture we wanted to keep but we also wanted a completely new bedroom and living room. We wanted a more modern look with the”wow” factor but still be able to have our grandchildren visit. It was obvious we needed help with this transition. Diane was able to pull everything together for us from the day we took possession of the new house. She helped us develop a color palette so we could paint and gave us floor plans to place the furniture we wanted to keep. Diane guided us in choosing the fabric and style of our new furniture and created window treatments to compliment our look. She even found a home for all our artwork. In addition, Diane was able to connect us with a contractor who she has worked with to complete the renovations. Her relationship with them allowed her to guide us and them through the entire process.


Best designer in the business! We’ve worked with Diane and the smallest of projects (picking a paint color), and 2 room makeovers. She and her team are excellent communicators and respectful of taste and budgets. They are simply the best!

Bridget W.

Loved this and every other Philly Mag Design Home that Diane Bishop helped coordinate. Diane is a truly talented professional home designer and an inspirational team leader as well.

Doug & Kim D.

Doug and I are thrilled with how well our entire re-design project turned out. Our home while only 10 years old had become stale to us and the interior looked dated. We were at a point where we were looking to possibly buy a new home but we love our property.

Tracy G.

Diane Bishop Interiors managed the entire process of furnishing our new vacation home, from start to finish. Working with Diane exceeded my expectations in every way. They were entirely focused on my project, and gave me their undivided attention each time we met. Their positive attitude and enthusiasm for the project meant so much to me, and made the experience of working together fun and thoroughly rewarding. I found them to both be wonderfully creative, flexible, practical, responsive and professional. The project came in on budget and everything was delivered according to our deadlines. The end result is that I walk around our new home loving every single item which was selected with Diane, and I would not change one thing about the experience.


Diane is not only extremely talented with decorating, they are also a pleasure to work with. They were not pushy at all. They truly cared about what was important to us, and they were incredibly patient, kind, and enthusiastic throughout what could have been an arduous process. We would highly recommend them!!

Bernadette P. D.

This the best interior designer I could ever recommend. She’s a great friend but without her, I would have been so lost. She has made my home a home. A place to retreat to. Diane has done two homes for me and I will have her do my beach house. If you really want to love your home, call Diane at Diane Bishop Interiors.