Living Room

A New Chapter

  Creating a Fresh Start with a Blue-Green Color Scheme It can be daunting to start over when it’s time to move on from a beloved home that has served a family well. But with a little planning and inspiration, you can create a space that reflects your tastes and [...]

2023-10-23T10:15:40-04:00September 26th, 2023|

Rethinking the Layout

  The way we live in our home has changed over the years. Luckily our living spaces are reflecting this change. In the past, there was only a single purpose to the living room, while the family room was the area where the family could actually relax and have fun. [...]

2023-03-14T15:50:24-04:00March 14th, 2023|

Lighten Up

  As styles and tastes change - consider updating the space where you like to relax in your home. When the color scheme of your home no longer suits your taste - it’s time for a change. This family room, which the family used daily, felt heavy, and thus did [...]

2023-03-24T10:19:53-04:00February 13th, 2023|

Making the most of your space

  Maximizing our living spaces & making them enjoyable for family & friends. While this room was used on a daily basis by our clients—it had so much more potential. Very little seating and vast places with no seating made this room unavailable for entertaining. The lovely Fran & Dave [...]

2023-01-10T11:15:56-05:00November 8th, 2022|

Reimagining the Living Room

Updating our living spaces and making them comfortable to enjoy with family & friends. We mentioned it before - the days of formal entertaining in living rooms are over. It is important to reimagine this space and welcome everyone to enjoy our homes with us. So many times the living [...]

2022-03-03T17:02:47-05:00March 7th, 2022|

Relax and Unwind

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” - JANE AUSTEN We already established that the family room is the most used room of the house after the kitchen. It is a place to relax and unwind, a place to enjoy time with family and friends (when we [...]

2020-10-21T15:50:52-04:00October 22nd, 2020|

Color Refresh

Even if you loved a certain color in the past, chances are you might not love it as much anymore. Colors change and so do our feelings about them. This home was designed as a model home with current colors, yet over the years our client’s feelings about the home’s [...]

2020-09-08T12:03:45-04:00September 8th, 2020|

Simplified Decor

Decorating a room that is long and narrow is no easy feat. Give that room multiple purposes and you have a real design challenge. It can be difficult to decorate a room that is long and narrow and too often this means the furniture is being crowded into a corner. [...]

2020-06-29T14:17:58-04:00June 30th, 2020|

Calm, Bright & Airy

During this unprecedented time, we are spending more time at home. It is more important than ever that this is a calm and comfortable place. I thought that you would enjoy a home that became a happier place. The room already had great bones and showed plenty of potential, so [...]

2020-04-02T12:23:02-04:00April 2nd, 2020|

The Last Details

Is your home missing something? Do you feel that it is not quite complete? It’s The Finishing Touches That Complete A Room. Like the perfect piece of jewelry completes an outfit, accessories like artwork, window treatments, (faux) plants and lighting help finish a room. Home accessories are now being used [...]

2020-05-04T09:56:20-04:00January 28th, 2020|
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