A volume ceiling is a nice feature for a home. Especially in a room that is used daily. Yet so many times it can get lost.

It was important to draw attention to this vaulted space. We started with some beams and a bead board on the ceiling. Lights were added to the beams for extra warmth on a gloomy day or at night.

More trim was included as wainscoting in the area where this active family lives. We prefer trim that is painted in a semi-gloss. This not only sets it apart, it makes clean up a lot easier as well.

A durable area rug under the table helped warm the space. It also absorbs some of the sound.

The windows let in a lot of light during the day so we certainly didn’t want to cover them. By adding a relaxed roman shade that extended above the actual window frame, the windows looked a lot taller and still provided as much light.

The crowning touch was the chandelier. It is beautiful during the day. It adds light and drama at night.
Here is a room for the whole family to enjoy—top to bottom.

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Use large furniture or a statement piece, like a chandelier, in a room with a cathedral ceiling, otherwise everything can get lost in the vastness of the space.