Dining Room

Starting Over

This town home - the start of a new beginning for the owner and his two teenage daughters - was under construction when we first saw it, but had so much potential. It was really the perfect place to live, cook, entertain and even work.

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Dining in Style – And Comfort

In today’s hectic times, sharing a meal does not only provide nourishment for the body, but an opportunity to spend meaningful time with our loved ones, by providing a place of gathering – regardless of the occasion.

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Around the Table

Some Of The Best Conversations Happen Over A Meal. When The Room Is Comfortable & Inviting – You Can Sit Back And Enjoy.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dark

When considering a change in your home – don’t be afraid of the Dark - a dark color that is. It is a leap of faith, yet it has great rewards. And while it is not for every room, consider a dark color for a place where you want to create instant drama.

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Updating with Simplicity + Clean Lines

A contemporary home boasts clean lines and simple furnishings. To keep it truly contemporary – styles need to be updated and colors adjusted. The home owners had to rethink the way they lived in their home. Like most of us, they wanted something that would endure the test of time.

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Just in time for the Holidays

When it came to finishing their rooms or how to enjoy them fully—the homeowners were stuck. It was a delight to work with them to create rooms that would be functional as well as beautiful.

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