The family room is the OTHER heart of the home. It is the place where family and friends meet. It is important that this room is comfortable as well as beautiful. A room where everyone can feel good.

When we are presented with a blank slate, we need to come up with a color palette that unites the home. This was especially true in the case of Philadelphia magazine’s Design Home, since this family room was open to most of the first floor.

We chose a warm gray and beige color scheme to keep this room quiet and serene. We also didn’t want to take away from the spectacular view of the back yard.

The fireplace was originally planned to be stone. Yet after more careful examination we decided on a drywall and trim frame painted in a semi-gloss white. The result was nothing less than spectacular.
The contemporary furniture was comfortable and arranged to promote conversation.

We mixed in a few traditional elements and even combined gold with silver!

Lighting is always important. The one of a kind chandelier was just wonderful. Recessed lights were added. Lamps were placed along the back wall with mirrors behind them to reflect the light.

I never got tired of being in this room.

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Instead of deciding on a paint color first, start your color selection with flooring, furniture, fabrics, tile, or wallpaper. Then choose a paint color that brings everything together.