A living room is often the room that we just walk by. It doesn’t have a purpose. It is our goal to make each room inviting and functional. We want you to be able to use every room in your home.

The color was the first bold statement in this room. When the “Blue Peacock” color first went on the walls, we received a panicked call from the builder at the Philadelphia magazine Design Home.

It took four coats of paint and some serious talking to get several people off the ledge. We were sure that it was such an inviting color, as it gave the room instant character. It also made the window treatments pop.

When we designed the very special bookshelves, we knew that they needed a touch of that green to bring the whole room together.

The coffee table was also a statement piece. When we combined this with some comfortable chairs and a deep sofa, the room became a cozy retreat for adults or maybe just to curl up with a good book.

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Create a space that beckons you to curl up with a good book. Proper lighting and a throw instantly transform any couch into a cozy reading nook.