Judy and Rande have enjoyed their home for many years. It was comfortable, yet the sofa was wearing out and the colors just weren’t right anymore. This room is so important. Not only is it a place to relax every evening, it is the room where family and friends gather.

More seating was necessary as well as a comfortable sectional. Two chairs with ottomans framed the stone fireplace and gave Rande a place to relax and read. We carefully selected a chair that had the right arm height and the perfect seat depth.

The sectional is covered in a Sunbrella fabric and will resist stains. The ottoman is covered in a textured vinyl that doubles as a footrest or a place to serve snacks.

The fireplace was given new life with a fabulous fabric art piece that had been hidden away upstairs. A few well-placed accessories completed the look. We framed the fireplace with fabric window treatments and finished the room with warm gray walls and a textured carpet.

This room is now as warm and inviting as the wonderful people who live there.

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Versatile furniture pieces, such as ottomans or storage trunks, can fulfill multiple tasks – coffee table, extra seat and built-in storage, the later helps cut back on clutter.