EJ and Jen had a great start. When it came to finishing the rooms or how to enjoy them fully—they were stuck. It was a delight to work with them to create rooms that would be functional as well as beautiful.

Starting in the Foyer we suggested painting the risers and the spindles white. EJ and Jen were very responsive and had already started this process on our second trip there.

We replaced the cut pile carpet with a pattern runner and brass rods. The chair we added is more appropriate to complement the height in the ceiling, plus the red velvet brings in the color from the living room.

The dining room was unfinished even though all of the basic furniture was there. To soften the wood in the table and chairs, we added two upholstered chairs on either end of the table and then framed the window with an elegant silk buffalo plaid, trimmed in a tassel fringe.

We replaced the single chandelier with two lanterns. Not only does this create more light in the room—it adds interest as well. A large new mirror created a very unique look.

With the holidays approaching, EJ and Jen now can enjoy this room on any special occasion with friends and family, as no one will want to pass by the room again without being drawn in.

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