The family room is the room that gets the most use in many homes. With two active kids, this room was getting tired.

Tina didn’t even want to go in there and I made it my goal to make this room inviting for everyone in the family.

The accent wall was a thing of the past and once again the volume ceiling was not getting the attention that it deserved.

I recommended a warm tan that enveloped the whole room—including the vaulted ceiling. The furniture was not comfortable anymore so we replaced the chair and the sofa with good quality comfortable pieces.
In order for friends and family to enjoy this room with Tina, her husband and two children, two chairs were added to the other end of the room.

Windows that were all different sizes posed a new challenge. Bold horizontal stripes added the drama. All of the stripes had to be lined up to make this really work which became a challenge since no two windows were the same height. Details are so important to create a truly unique look.

The family room is the perfect place to start with your home renovation. Since people spend the majority of their lives inside somewhere, make sure your home counts as one of the indoor places, where you truly want to be.

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Get creative with stripes. Horizontal stripes make a statement.