As life evolves, our homes sometimes change. While the big house is great for an active family, when the nest is empty, it is nice to have less room and yard to care for.

Jeff and Denise said good-bye to the home where they raised their two children and found a town home to enjoy.

Even though many things did not move with this couple, storage was still a concern.

The hutch in the dining room provided very little storage space and it crowded the room. A long credenza took its place and offered much more room for the dishes.

Jeff and Denise have enjoyed many wonderful trips with their children and brought back pictures and special pieces from their travels.

I designed a large wall unit with closed storage for some items and plenty of shelves for the historic and religious pieces. The doors to the unit were covered in a faux leather which really added personality to this piece. Adjustable shelves now display many lovely items that have special meaning.

Living in this Great Room was awkward. The TV was tucked in to a small wall that didn’t allow for much comfortable seating. By moving the TV to the built-in wall unit, a conversation area was created as well as room for Jeff and Denise to each have their own comfortable recliners.

Since this couple enjoys sharing their home with friends and family, the current dining table was not enough. A large square pedestal table allows room for 8 chairs comfortably, with space for an extra chair or two on holidays. The live edge on this one-of-a-kind table is a conversation starter.

Jeff and Denise are comfortably enjoying this new phase of their lives in a home that has style and character to share.

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Flat screen tv’s don’t have to be hidden out of sight, they can be part of the bigger picture.