Over the past years our technology has changed so much and the design community has worked hard to keep up.

Today’s sleek flat screen TVs just don’t fit in the wall units of yesterday.
They are larger and need to be treated as an important design element.

To accomplish that goal, I have incorporated several ideas:

Over the fireplace seems to be a good location for some families. Adding a frame can make it seem even more like a piece of artwork.

While we don’t need to accommodate as many components now, there are still a fair amount of accessories that may be included for the TV. Closed cabinets provide storage for DVDs and cable boxes.

On a long wall the TV would be too lonely by itself. Open shelving allow the family to display special objects and family photos.

Now there is an attractive wall even when the TV is not on.

In the example above the wet bar in the family room was often not used. By enclosing that space we were able to relocate the TV to an area where the entire family room was open and more inviting for people to enjoy each others company.

The interior design world is constantly evolving and so is Diane Bishop Interiors. Not only do I enjoy creating a beautiful place for you to live in – by listening to your family’s needs, I am making your home more functional as well.

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Switch up the shelves surrounding your television by layering photos, mementos and decorative objects you can change seasonally.