It is important to share a meal with friends & family in a comfortable setting to enjoy each others company.

Too often the dining room is just a place to use on Thanksgiving! Such a waste. I can help you think differently about this often underused room.

Rande and Judy enjoyed having family and friends over for meals on holidays – their dining room just didn’t seat enough people and the chairs were uncomfortable. The room wasn’t inviting enough to use it more often or spark long lasting meals and conversations.

Pedestal tables are the perfect way to be able to accommodate more people thanks to their compact size. And this gold pedestal used in their redesigned dining room is so spectacular that it needed to be featured with a glass top. With balanced lines and a stylish silhouette this table is so much more than just a functional furniture piece.

A credenza provided additional storage and a surface for extra dishes when the couple was entertaining their guests.

The chairs were made for long conversations that continue long after the meal is finished.
The windows became larger and softer with sheer window treatments.

Now for all of the traditional holidays and for no particular reason at all, Rande and Judy find time to be in this room a lot more often.

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Consider using a pedestal table – without the legs in each corner, there is enough room to squeeze in another friend comfortably.