When considering a change in your home – don’t be afraid of the Dark – a dark color that is. It is a leap of faith, yet it has great rewards. And while it is not for every room, consider a dark color for a place where you want to create instant drama.

Before & After ImageCreate Drama
The kitchen may be a great place to try this out. There is usually very little wall space so it just becomes a pop of color.
Even in a small room it adds drama. The black walls were just what this kitchen needed.
Before & After Image
Instant Coziness
Black again in a small office did not make it dark. The color actually helped to make the walls recede and this room felt very warm and instantly cozy.
Before & After Image
Create a Unique Look
An intense green in this living room gave the owners a heart attack when it first went up. I was called to the site in a panic.
After four coats and the furniture in place it became their favorite room.
Before & After Image
Provide Focus
Deep blue in this dining room became a great backdrop for the beautiful artwork.
Plus, the crystal chandelier had a great place to shine as well.


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There are many shades of black. One of them could be right for your walls.