Sometimes we overlook certain places in our homes – yet they can be as interesting as the rest of the house!

Image: Before These places might not be much to look at usually – but when you think about it – most everyone visits them.

When I first met Claire, she had her mind on addressing other rooms in her home first, but she really didn’t like the powder room. Upon closer examination we discovered that not only could we make it more interesting, but we could make it more functional…by replacing the pedestal sink with a vanity. Just this little storage addition provided a place for extra soap and TP.

While grasscloth wallpaper added a soft & subtle texture, this previously dark room was truly brought to live with the addition of a new vanity light and a stunning chandelier. A cornice in a
fun print completed the look.

Maybe this still isn’t the most exciting room in the house, but it certainly looks and functions well.
Image: BeforeWhen your guests enter your foyer – do you rush them through?

Claire wasn’t too fond of this area in her home either, yet with some minor adjustments we made a huge difference here as well.

In their travels, Claire and her husband Chris, found some artwork that was perfect for the foyer. We found another home for the round mirror and added a new chandelier for more light.
The sconce below the stairs provided little light – and limited the wall space. Once the sconce was removed, in order to give the family something to greet their guests, we added a few interesting ceramic bowls and a ceramic carnation, which created an arrangement that fit well into the triangle shape left by the staircase.

The original rug was too small and not very interesting, whereas the new area rug we found bestows so much interest to the space. Now the foyer is as inviting as this lovely couple.

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Consider adding a chandelier to your powder room. Even in a small space. It adds light & just looks great!