It is great to be outside in the summer. We all like to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. But sometimes it is just not feasible.

If we can sit outside on a nice, warm evening, we most likely will, but there are occasions when bugs, wind, or rain send us fleeing indoors.

Of course there are other reasons that leave us wishing we were inside.
We often like to play a game with friends and find that it is easier to do inside with better lighting.
While there are homes with TVs outside, most people don’t have that in their back yard. So, if there is a special movie or sporting event on, it may be another reason to move indoors.

Plus, most of the snacks are inside too.

Diane Bishop Design Samples
Is the inside of your home as pleasant as a breezy summer evening? – It should be.

Studies show that 93% of our time is spent inside. It is my goal to make the inside of your Home as special as you are.
If we are totally comfortable, we can have great conversations – and great furniture, inside or out – can help make that happen. Conversational seating groups are vital in the creation of some wonderful memories.

Camping is great for some, but sleeping under the stars – even in the backyard, with close proximity to modern conveniences – isn’t everyone’s idea of a relaxing night. So even if it is a perfect evening to stay outside until the very last minute, you probably will come inside to sleep.

Summer nights – and every other night of the year – your bedroom should be a relaxing place to end your day. I can help you make it almost like a vacation.

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Consider adding a chandelier to your powder room. Even in a small space. It adds light & just looks great!