Some of the best conversations happen over a meal. When the room is comfortable & inviting – you can sit back and enjoy.

Family meals often happen in the kitchen since this is the area that is the closest to the food, making things easier for busy lifestyles. This doesn’t have to mean a rushed meal though – some of my favorite discussions took place around our kitchen table where the atmosphere is more relaxed and informal.

When planning an in-kitchen eating space, consider the amount of people you want to include on a daily basis, so there is plenty of seating for everyone.

Just because the kitchen is a comfortable place to enjoy meals together that should not mean that the dining room is reserved for holidays and special occasions only. Dining rooms provide families a quieter dining experience they should enjoy on a regular basis, away from the clutter that may still be in the kitchen. It creates a quiet sense of togetherness which gives everyone a chance to reflect on the day.

(And back when we were children, my mother used our dining room to work on our manners.)

Then think beyond family dinners. Inviting guests can make any night feel special. How about entertaining another couple and sitting directly across from them – even in a large room? Just a different perspective on dinner might make for a lively conversation.

Think about who would enjoy this room. Then call us at 215.619.2999 to make it happen!

Plan for tables that you will not be afraid to use. Sometimes a distressed surface helps everyone to relax and enjoy.