As children grow, their needs for a place to call their own becomes as important as expressing themselves.
Let your child’s personality show through in their room.

Now that the baby toys and characters are gone it is important that older children and teenagers can express their individuality, while using more grown up furniture. Plus, later on, when they return for a visit home, they can still enjoy their surroundings.

After ImageThis teenage boy was looking for a room apart from his younger siblings. The best placement for the bed was an area without windows.
To keep things light we developed a back lit shelving unit with upholstered panels that softened the wall. Now this young man has the privacy he craved and a place to call his own.

After ImageNo ruffles or pink for this little girl, who was all about soccer and sports. Bright colors were her passion though, which we accommodated with stripes and more stripes.
The rug had subtle stripes. The window treatment had a bolder stripe and the walls just made it fun. The ceiling was not neglected either. We often use this as the 5th wall.

After ImageToo old for most baby things, yet not too old for a soft and fluffy dog, this space with it’s timeless furniture will transition well into the teenage years and beyond.
The windows have a subtle flower print and the feather chandelier is something every girl would love. I want one too!

Before & After ImageSometimes it is all about pink and ruffles – there is nothing wrong with that. This room needed a girl’s touch to reflect the bubbly personality of this young lady.
It is now a great place to do homework, have friends over or simply enjoy some girl time.


Talk to your children about what is important to them and then let Diane Bishop Interiors create a more mature and comfortable space for them – call 215.619.2999.

Create a memory box with childhood items that will be treasured when they are all grown up and donate or discard the items they have outgrown.