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The High Point Market (formerly the International Home Furnishings Market) is held in High Point, North Carolina twice a year – a week in April & October. It is the world’s largest home furnishings industry trade show.

You will not find a restaurant, pharmacy or shoe store…or any of the typical places you would find in any other city. Yet for two weeks each year it is a bustling metropolis – a city of furniture, accessories and rugs – as 70,000 to 80,000 attendees from over 100 countries converge upon the 10+ million square feet of show room floors, hosting approximately 2000 exhibitors throughout 180 buildings.

I had the opportunity to visit this city before Market one year and it was deserted.
Diane Bishop Interiors at High Point Market
We try to attend every Market to keep up with the current trends, take an in depth look at the furniture we carry and look for new vendors or continue relationships with our current vendors.
We hit the ground running, catching a shuttle at 7:00am from our hotel and taking in as much as we can each day before we return at 7:00pm.

To ensure the comfort of the lines we represent, we sit on every piece of upholstery. We do this in the morning to get a true feeling for the pieces. We spend so much time on our feet at Market – in the afternoon everything feels good.

Some Highlights from this year’s Market

1 – The 12 story building where we get started.
2 – A small part of one showroom. Where to look first?
3 – Chandeliers, lamps and mirrors – Oh My. So many showrooms with fabulous lighting.
4 – Another 5 story building in Market Metropolis.
5 – Testing the upholstery
6 – Green walls were all the rage at the floral showrooms.
7 – Flowers are making a comeback in a new and different way – Mila and I learned to love this, although it is not for everyone.
8 – Everything is bigger in High Point. This is me in front of an actual building.
9 – Mila and I resting our feet on a Big chair. Can’t say I would recommend this one to our clients.

Diane Bishop Interiors at High Point Market

This market is invigorating, exciting and exhausting and fuels our intent to provide the best possible products for you to enjoy in your home.

Every home should be as unique as the people who live there – call us 215.619.2999 to book a consultation today.