The family room – with it’s relaxed and informal atmosphere – is one of the most important rooms in the house. If family & friends are not gathering in the kitchen, you can usually find them in the family room.

Image: BeforeThe top priority in the transformation of this gathering space was comfort for every one – family and visitors alike.

The sectional was removed to make way for two cozy and very user friendly sofas. Add a pair of comfortable chairs and a couple of ottomans by the fireplace, and this room was ready for everyone to relax. (Plus, the ottomans provided extra seats should there be a crowd.)

The room was painted gray and lightened up with gray furniture with Navy accents. For additional comfort and to accentuate the updated color scheme, a new rug was added. To warm up the space even more, we were then able to add an end table and a lamp.

The TV was anchored with a console and the artwork over the fireplace was selected to reflected the family’s love of art. After all, it is important to surround yourself with things that you love in order to create a family room everyone can enjoy and feel at peace.

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