Diane Bishop Interiors - The Lower Level

Basements are no longer the dark, poorly lid underground levels reserved for storage and hot water heaters.

Today, home owners have found ways to add light and personality to these spaces, providing additional room, so all members of the family can relax and play. Many times this has become the space to host and entertain guests, watch a game – or simply relax.

Typically there are multiple areas for various activities, so consider leaving the lower level as open as possible, to have space available for parties, as well as family activities. Determining how you want to use your basement will have to be taken into consideration during the design process.

Do you love movies and relaxing with your family?
Creating a large multipurpose media area with a big tv and comfortable, lounge worthy seating will give you that big screen feel without going to the movies.

Do you love games and hanging out with friends?
Open areas in the basements provide the room needed for larger game tables, such as pool or foosball, or an area to host bridge and poker nights.

Do you love wine and entertaining?
If you have some room to spare, add a wine cellar to store your wine collection. Then host a gathering of friends, enjoy tasting some wine and have fun.

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Consider using a patterned carpet or rug in your lower level to add interest.