Diane Bishop Interiors - Bold & Beautiful

Wallpaper is making a powerful comeback, dramatically transforming any room with its bold style.

And what better place to showcase some dramatic wallpaper pattern than in the often neglected, yet equally vital part of your home – the Powder Room. Almost all of your guests visit this room. Not to mention that it is an integral place for the family too.

Using wallpaper as a statement piece will not only help transform your Powder Room, it will give your guests something to talk about after their visit.

Add an interesting sink along with new vanity lighting – consider adding a fabulous chandelier for extra drama – a big mirror, window treatment and any Powder Room can become a stunning addition to your first floor.

Wallpaper can infuse drama without being big and bold as well. A subtle grass cloth wallpaper, as seen in the AFTER image above, provides subtle texture and a sophisticated feel, quietly turning a mundane powder room into a stylish and inviting place.

Wallpaper can add personality, be bold and make a statement. What a perfect way to liven up any room! Let us help you transform your home – call us at 215.619.2999.

Exercise restrain with wallpaper, by using it intentional in a room or two. If a whole room sounds too much – envision it on a single accent wall.