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A kitchen is so much more than cabinets & appliances

Before ImagesThe home’s original kitchen was awkward and did not work well for this family of four.

The biggest obstacle was the island. It had an oddly shaped counter which didn’t give the family enough room to eat together.

To eliminate the problem we added more work space, a fabulous leathered granite and spectacular lighting.
The cabinets started with a small gap above, but now extend to the ceiling for a more polished look, that adds a small amount of extra storage and no bad lighting or clutter up top.

The microwave found a new location allowing for an attractive hood and extra space above the stove.
A black sink? Yes, please. The new sink plays nicely with the rest of the dark countertops which provide a lovely contrast to the white cabinets.

The new custom table and chairs fit into the space better allowing for another great light fixture. Bonus, the upholstered chairs are in a faux leather, which makes them easy to clean.

Not only is this whole space brighter and more organized now – it is comfortable. It works so well for this family that surely many special meals and moment will be shared in this kitchen.

We can improve the functionality of your kitchen as well. Give us a call at 215.619.2999.

Step outside the box and consider granite that is leathered. A texture that invites touch without the shine that we have become accustomed to seeing.