Diane Bishop Newsletter - Change Is Good

As our lives change, our homes need to adapt.

BeforeWhen the kids move out for good, to start a life of their own, it can feel bitter sweet – leaving you with a void. But that is the time to start changing up your old routines, and with some little tweaks, your lives will become exciting again.

Consider quick weekend getaways that happen in the spur of the moment, dinner plans with friends, new or long neglected hobbies… and there might be an empty room looking for a new purpose.

Finding herself in exactly this position, our client Nancy wanted to transform an unused space in her home into a room where she could work for her new business and enjoy some quiet moments to herself. This was to be entirely HER space, as her husband already had an office.

Keeping with her vision, we chose a softer color palette with gray walls and accents of blue.

The desk facing the window gave Nancy a view to enjoy, while the chair and ottoman provided a secluded place to sit and read with her feet up. In this room, Nancy wanted to be surrounded by the things that made her smile. So what better way than to incorporate a personal collection and art?

The little nook by the attic provided a space for shelves to display special items that Nancy had acquired over the years, while the bird giclee prints reminded her of the shore and the framed blue agate stones provided another dimension.

A storage credenza not only offered all the space she needed for filing paperwork for her new business, it provided her with a place to display family photos.

Are you looking to give a space in your house a new lease on life? We can find its new purpose. Give us a call at 215.619.2999 and we will help you love your home even more.

Simplify your accessories. Surround yourself only with things that make you smile.