Diane Bishop - Newsletter January 2019 - Lounging in style

Grab a blanket and cozy up by the fire – this family room is all about unwinding in style

Before PictureWith winter in full swing, most of us want to stay in as much as possible and fill our homes with warmth and comfort!
The one room that we spend the majority of our time hibernating? The family room, where we gather to watch TV, relax or entertain friends and family.

Given all the time we spend in here, it should be the most comfortable room, yet often the layout is awkward—or stuck in another era.

While everyone has their own unique way of living in the family room, Steve and Nadine needed a place to watch TV, enjoy the fireplace and spend time with family and friends.

Since the fireplace brick was not quite current, we made it more current by painting the brick and adding a larger mantle. Now the fireplace is a welcome focal point in the room. We added a pop of color to the mantle with accessories to echo the colors of the recliners and the pillows. Even the area rug added a touch of color and pattern. The two recliners on either side of the fireplace not only provided balance, but more seating.

Technology has come a long way and we all live with it, so let’s embrace it. The wall opposite the doors provided a perfect place for the flat screen TV, providing ample space for the home owners to spend a relaxing evening watching their favorite shows in comfort.

All that’s left is to start the fireplace and grab a blanket.

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