When an office is more than just an office, it needs special consideration.

Before ImagesA recent office redesign needed some extra planning, as this office space was pulling double duty. Not only was it a place where work was conducted, it was also a spot for the family to spend some quiet time – watching TV or reading.

Knowing what the client wanted to achieve with the redesign, we went to work, making this a comfortable place for everyone.

One of the first questions we asked was about the fireplace. Not only was it in an awkward position, it was never really used and the TV above it was too small and too high to provide a comfortable viewing experience.

While it was important that the TV could be seen from the desk, the small room needed to comfortably fit three, sometimes four family members for movie nights.

With the fireplace gone, we had the opportunity to add an interesting piece of furniture in its place. A beautiful credenza below the TV provided extra space to file office papers, plus a home for the cable box.

The sectional and lounge chair provided the necessary seating, while soothing gray tones give this room a peaceful atmosphere, with a pop of navy to complete the look.

Now here is a room where everyone can be comfortable. And work will be much more enjoyable, since it feels so good to be in this office.

Picture yourself in a room that helps you feel better. We are here to help you make that happen – call us at 215.619.2999.

Always consider how the physical space affects your well-being – it can be a peaceful inviting place.