The family room is probably the most popular and frequently used part of the house.

Before ImagesIt is where we relax and unwind. It is where friends and family seem to gather. And it is where we get to truly be ourselves.

When Jules and Jeff invited us into their home, they wanted a place that worked for their active young family and reflected their style.

Initially this room seemed dark and unfinished. It also had less seating than was needed for this young family and their friends.

So we set to work to make it comfortable and inviting. A sophisticated gray color palette with calming blue accents – along with open end tables and updated lighting gave this room a brighter look.
The light window treatments softened the look while adding pattern and color. The windows look even larger now since we placed the top of the Roman shade above the actual window frames.

With little kids in the house we chose Crypton fabrics for the sofas, to protect from spills and marks. The lighter color fabric helped brighten up the room. We added a chair with an ottoman for TV watching. Plus, the ottoman can serve as an extra seat when there is company. The versatile swivel chair can be used to watch TV or to join in the conversation. A few pops of color brought in with different colored and textured pillows help unify the color scheme.

Finishing touches like the clock over the fireplace and the paper artwork over the sofa help to make this room interesting, while family photos on the stacked shelves make it personal and uniquely theirs.

Our goal is always to help make your home a place you truly enjoy – call us at 215.619.2999 to make it happen.

When designing your home, consider using some interesting pieces such as tapestries, cut or woven paper, or even a clock, instead of paintings only.