A room ready to receive and entertain family, friends & guests.

Before ImagesUsually located at the entrance of the house, the living room was originally intended as a space to entertain company and receive visitors – whether it is a traditional or formal gathering.

These days the living room is often just a room that is passed by. As the first room that guests see it not only should look good – it should be inviting. At the same time it needs to be a room that is used and enjoyed.

Cara indicated that her living room was where she and her husband liked to have coffee or just enjoy each other’s company in conversation. The room just wasn’t comfortable or giving of a great first impression to visitors.

Using what the home owner already had, we started by bringing in a sofa from another room and repurposing swivel chairs from the family room, where they were no longer being used. Since Phillip really enjoyed his leather armchair and foot stool we gave it a prominent spot in the new room design.
The fabulous new bar cabinet not only looks good – it is very functional and a favorite piece in the room.

Then we added a bold area rug along with window treatments to make a statement. Circular stacked mirrors added another dimension to the walls. New lamps, cocktail tables and end tables tied everything together.

Now it is a space that is not only enjoyed by Cara and Phillip. It is a room to entertain friends and family that speaks to their love of entertaining from the first moment people lay eyes on it.

Let us help you use your living room. After all, it is a LIVING room – call us at 215.619.2999 to make it happen.

Comfort and function are just as important as the colors and textures. If it isn’t a place that can be used,
it isn’t a place people will gather and feel comfortable.