Diane Bishop - Newsletter November 2019 - HighPoint Market

Trendspotting at #HPMKT

We recently returned from a visit to High Point Market – the world’s premier home fashion event, where we got to experience what’s new in terms of trends and home innovations & to see and examine the quality of the items that we sell.

HighPoint Market Fall 2019

Here are our Top five take-aways from our Fall Market visit:

1 – Gray is still in.
It makes a great neutral and goes with so many other colors.

2 – Traditional isn’t so traditional anymore.
It has been updated with cleaner lines and less clutter.

3 – Comfort is always in style.
We sit on chairs and sofas early in the day so we can provide the best products to our clients.

4 – Unique accessories complete the look.
While there are fewer accessories now, it is important that they are different and reflect the personalities of the people we serve.

5 – Mixing metals is a great way to add interest.
Gold and silver and black iron all play nicely together when done with the right help.

Visiting the High Point Furniture Market inspires us to find the best possible products for you to enjoy in your home – together we can make your dream home happen.