Diane Bishop Interiors - Lighten Up

Lighting plays a major role in the transformation & perception of your home and its surroundings.

Consider using multiple light sources to illuminate a room – layer mood lighting, task lighting, direct or indirect lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere throughout your home (or office).

1. Make the most of natural light – and remember that it will get dark at some point every single day.

2. Task lighting is important in a kitchen. Undercabinet lighting adds to the ambience and creates a great cooking experience. Plus, why not try something out of the ordinary to illuminate that area? How about upper cabinets with backlighting…

3. With high ceilings, this space is perfect for a dramatic light fixture.

4. Everyone sees the powder room so give them something to talk about.

5. A long narrow table calls for a rectangular light fixture, to spread the light out over the whole table.

6. While recessed lights are great and often needed, table lamps bring the light down to people level. This type of lamp can be great for reading a book or welcoming your guests into the room.

7. A special chandelier can really make the room shine, but proportion is key.

8. A lamp can be a great statement piece and also an additional light source.

Last But Not Least
Put it on a dimmer, so that the mood is quiet and relaxed.

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Lighting offers the finishing touch for any place. It not only brightens up the whole space, it balances out the design of the room.