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Working from home has taken on a whole new meaning now. While some of my clients worked occasionally at home, for many that is currently the only option.

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Even before the start of the pandemic the home office had claimed its place in many homes. Clients would enjoy their dedicated space when they occasionally got to work from home, to pay their bills in the evening, catch up on Social Media or research upcoming plans.

Recently, I heard from several clients who thanked me for making this spot in their homes so comfortable.

One client likes to have her own space to move around. At times she is working at her desk and at other times she is comfortable on her chaise with her laptop rested on her lap. The TV can be enjoyed from time to time, yet is not the focal point of the room. There is even enough space to invite the rest of the family to enjoy the office during non-working times. Overall she is thrilled and more importantly – able to function well while at work.

Sometimes the “office” is centrally located, as is the case in another client’s office – the desk is an integral part of the main floor. While sitting at his desk, Brad can look out both the front and rear windows. He is close to the kitchen and it is an attractive place at all times of the day.

A spare bedroom for an empty nester was a perfect place for a home office. Our client now has a comfortable area to work or to simply enjoy some quiet time with a good book.

While your office should help you stay on task during work hours, it doesn’t have to serve only this one purpose. It also provides the opportunity to show off a unique desk or a bold color statement, which in turn could highlight your artwork or great views of the outdoors.

We can make your office a place that you enjoy going to. Call my cell at 267-446-6800.

Stay safe & stay well.

Don’t be tied to the traditional office requirements. Let us know how you like to work!