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Decorating a room that is long and narrow is no easy feat.
Give that room multiple purposes and you have a real design challenge.

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It can be difficult to decorate a room that is long and narrow and too often this means the furniture is being crowded into a corner. In our client Lisa’s case it was time for a complete overhaul.

In order to give the living room the best flow and still have a multifunction living space we used a sectional with a slim footprint. By picking furniture that fit the scale of the room we not only created a lot of seating and extended the room, we also provided a walkway to one side of the room. No need to walk around furniture to cross the room.

Two new ottomans soften the fireplace and provided extra seating if necessary.

A large chandelier along with recessed lights provided a wealth of light and helped extend the room.

Gone are the days when the TV was confined to an armoire. They were bulky & deep and need to be contained. Now the TV is placed along side an arrangement of framed pictures and even has a frame of its own, making it one of the center pieces of the room. By clustering the art around the TV we underscored the separate areas in the room.

The colors chosen were soft and neutral with a touch of aqua and soft red to tie this living room in to the adjacent kitchen.

The old adage – Less is More – is certainly true when it comes to accessories. It was time to choose the things that brought a smile to the homeowner’s face.

Pictures from special trips where hung up on walls to be enjoyed every day and to clear horizontal space. The rest was cleared away to give the room space to breath.

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Consider placing an area rug to define and soften a seating space. It not only adds comfort, it takes out an echo as well.