Diane Bishop Interiors - Color Refresh

Even if you loved a certain color in the past, chances are you might not love it as much anymore. Colors change and so do our feelings about them.

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This home was designed as a model home with current colors, yet over the years our client’s feelings about the home’s color palette changed and their preferences evolved. It was time to find some new soothing colors.

We chose a classic slate blue and gray color combo to create a relaxing atmosphere. Reminiscent of old weathered slate walkways these colors work well with the stone in the fireplace. The colors were carried over to the fabrics in the sofa, chairs and curtains.

The sectional has spring down cushions that will hold up for a long while, with performance fabric that will help to resist stains, making it especially family friendly. The swivel chair by the fireplace gives the opportunity to enjoy the fire while allowing a turn to watch TV.

Window treatments were placed on the level where the family lives. The fabric softened the room and created a wonderful finishing touch.

In addition to the updated look we also wanted to create a space that would serve this family for many years to come. The wall-to-wall carpet was replaced with a luxury vinyl tile that looks and feels like wood, that is easy to maintain.

A piece of art added the final touch to tie everything together and created some interest above
the stone fireplace.

Styles change & life changes our needs. And we can help you update your home. Give us a call at 215.619.2999.

Two story windows provide drama. Consider just treating the lower windows to create comfort.