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Creating a welcoming & comfortable office space to enjoy every day.

Image: BeforeAs we spend more time at home and working from home is the new normal, we need to rethink how to make our surroundings as comfortable and efficient as possible.

One of the spaces that is often neglected in our homes is the basement. With our client it was her office. She was looking to make her basement both more functional and more inviting, so she could spend more time there outside of work.

It was more than time for a change, to make use of the extra space and create a more pleasant working and lounging environment.

A custom made desk was the first order of business, to give this working environment a boost of energy and efficiency we all can use at work. The desk needed to provide enough work and storage space to be effective, while having a transitional style. Now there is a place for everything and an updated look to boot.

To improve upon the flow of the room we switched the seating area to the other side. This way the TV is available to be viewed from the desk area as well as entertainment after work hours.

A sophisticated neutral sofa and arm chair/ottoman combo, paired with a zebra striped chair provide extra space to lounge once it’s time to relax and unwind. The carpet had an area rug laid over it, which added more color and interest.

We want to you to be comfortable in your home. We can take care of the details so that you can enjoy your home –
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A desk has to suit your needs for your work and a custom desk may be just what you want. We can help create that for you.