Lighten Up


As styles and tastes change – consider updating the space where you like to relax in your home.

Image: BeforeWhen the color scheme of your home no longer suits your taste – it’s time for a change. This family room, which the family used daily, felt heavy, and thus did not reflect the energy the family itself projected. We needed to lighten the mood and give this room a fresh vibe, as our client was ready for a new look.

We started with two light gray sofas, which replaced the old couch and loveseat. The new seating arrangement added more space and comfort. Who doesn’t like plenty of room to spread out while lounging around, playing games, or just hanging out with the family?

Performance fabrics, which will clean up nicely in case of a spill, opened the door to lighter colors in our choice for upholstery. These fabrics make life so easy.

The overall color palette in this room was a collection of soothing blues and textures with a soft touch. The window treatments provided a punch of navy within an interesting pattern.

To continue our approach to easy living, we added hardwood floors. An area rug provides softness underfoot now and adds interest with a subtle pattern.

To lighten up the fireplace, we suggested a whitewash. Now the whole room feels brighter. A contemporary piece of artwork above the fireplace completes the new look.

Let us help you lighten up your space. Call us at 215.619.2999 to make it happen.

Adding a whitewash to an older stone fireplace can breath new life into it and make it look fresh & new.