Rethinking the Layout


The way we live in our home has changed over the years. Luckily our living spaces are reflecting this change.

Image: BeforeIn the past, there was only a single purpose to the living room, while the family room was the area where the family could actually relax and have fun. This left the formal living room as the space that was never used, yet it was most often the first room that was seen upon entering the home.

Our client wanted to ensure they could use all the spaces in their home – nothing should be off limit or too precious to be used on a regular basis.

As was typical at the time our client’s home was constructed, the family and living rooms were separated by walls and a step down in to the area used as family room.

Restructuring some of the walls and leveling the floor, to remove the step separating the two areas, these two rooms now play nicely with each other, creating one cohesive space.

Swivel chairs in the living room are so very comfortable to use and allow visitors to be a part of the gathering in the adjacent family room as well.

To give the family plenty of space to lounge in their new family room we added two sofas perpendicular to each other. They provide the option of lying down or sitting with feet propped up on the cocktail table to watch the TV situated above the existing fireplace.

A new fireplace was added in the living room, while the existing fireplace in the family room benefited from a whitewash to give it a more soothing color. Overall the colors became softer throughout.

Painted wood beams added another dimension to the ceilings. Two custom bar cabinets filled an otherwise unused area in the family room.

Classic area rugs make a statement and further tie both areas together, while geometric patterned window treatments completed the look.

In addition to enjoying both rooms together – with friends and family – our lovely clients find that they now use the living room to enjoy a cappuccino mid-morning or quiet time after dinner by the new gas fireplace.

Living rooms need a new purpose. Let us help you find comfort in your living room with a reason to use it – call us at 215.619.2999 to make it happen.

Think of window treatments as the room’s jewelry. They finish the whole ensemble.