Mixing & Matching Styles to Create a Unique & Stylish Space with a Muted Color-Palette.

Image: BeforeOur client wanted their bedroom to be an oasis. The current bedroom had everything they needed for a quiet sleep, yet it didn’t feel like a very restful place to retire to at the end of the day.

Gone are the days when it was common for people to have all their furniture perfectly coordinated. There has been a shift towards a more eclectic style of decorating, where different pieces of furniture are mixed & matched to create a more visually appealing space.

The walls in our clients bedroom were already gray, so we chose a darker gray upholstered headboard. White linens with just a touch of beige and gray gave the bed a soft feel. While sticking to muted colors, we added pops of patterns with pillows, throws, art, and the details in the dressers. The white sheer window treatments complimented the woven wood blinds.

The upholstered ottomans at the foot of the bed provided a place to sit while getting dressed, in addition to being another visual accent.

Instead of a mirror over the dresser, the botanical artwork provided a beautiful contrast. The chandelier completed the look and brought a touch of glamour to the room along with some overhead lighting.

Now the room is truly interesting and relaxing. Our lovely client has a bedroom that makes her smile every time she enters, and her husband is pleased as well. Plus, both have an even better time retiring for the night in their new bedroom oasis.

Always consider how you want to feel in your room. Once you know how you want to feel, we can help you put it all together with just the right pieces to suit your unique style. – Call us at 215.619.2999 to make it happen.

Starting with a neutral base let’s you mix & match different colors and patterns without overwhelming the space.