Creating a Fresh Start with a Blue-Green Color Scheme

Image: BeforeIt can be daunting to start over when it’s time to move on from a beloved home that has served a family well. But with a little planning and inspiration, you can create a space that reflects your tastes and feels like an extension of your previous home – only new and improved.

Our clients knew they wanted to go with a blue-green color scheme for their new home, and we were happy to help them bring their vision to life. We started with a neutral sectional sofa and added pops of color with the help of pillows and throw blankets throughout the open space.

The swivel chairs are the MVP of color, making a bold statement while cementing the color scheme. The recliner makes its own statement in a soft, solid color.

We infused a further touch of color to the new dining chairs, and found a beautiful area rug to tie the room together. New window treatments add a lot to soften the whole look of the room.
The adjacent sunroom was updated with a new rug and bit of rearranging. Now our clients can enjoy breakfast there or watching TV while having coffee.

Unique custom shelving was added to the wall by the sunroom to add interest and some extra space for art and pictures, while the custom coffee table completes the sitting area with a statenment piece.
Artwork hung all throughout the room makes it feel like home again.

Now our clients have a beautiful space to entertain family & friends and to enjoy their fresh start.

New chapters can be exciting & full of opportunity. Let us help you find comfort in your new home – call us at 215.619.2999 to make it happen.

Be open to experimentation and new ideas.
Try different paint colors, accessories and furniture arrangements until you find a look that you love.