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Is your home missing something?
Do you feel that it is not quite complete?

It’s The Finishing Touches That Complete A Room.
Like the perfect piece of jewelry completes an outfit, accessories like artwork, window treatments, (faux) plants and lighting help finish a room. Home accessories are now being used sparingly yet with a big impact. With a lot of neutral colors utilized in furnishings, it is up to the accent pieces to add a pop of color … or maybe an extra layer of texture.

Images of Details

Larger Accessories Make A Big Statement
Artwork can address a blank wall and add interest. A large piece will complete a space. However at times a collection of artwork can be very appealing. Unless it is a set, consider using odd numbers in a wall arrangement.

Add Dimension with Textures
Texture adds another subtle dimension to a room and texture will heighten the overall perception of your room, but often gets overlooked. Carpets or area rugs, window treatments, throws, pillows and lamps all provide great options to incorporate textures and contrast.
Window treatments not only soften the walls, they help to absorb the sound and take out that hollow feel. They are meant to frame the window—not block the view or the light coming in.

Speaking of lighting – it can make or break a room, so you will want to get it right. Consider using multiple light sources to illuminate a room – mood lighting, task lighting, direct or indirect lighting – and to create a comfortable atmosphere. More on that next time…

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Less is more when adding accessories.
A few well placed pieces will add a lot.