March 2022 - Reimagining the Living Room

Updating our living spaces and making them comfortable to enjoy with family & friends.

Image: BeforeWe mentioned it before – the days of formal entertaining in living rooms are over. It is important to reimagine this space and welcome everyone to enjoy our homes with us. So many times the living room is just a room to pass by on the way to other rooms in our homes.

Our client’s living room was also very much unused and underutilized. Our goal was to make it inviting and cozy while taking advantage of the entire room – not just a corner of it.

Starting with the screen that was in disrepair. Our client wanted to keep and reinvent the panels, as they were a family memento. We selected the panels that especially captured our client’s imagination and took those panels to get reframed. They are now enjoying their new life hanging above the swivel chairs on the back wall.

Seeing the screen in it’s beautiful incarnation led to reframing other artwork in the living room and giving it a new lease on life.

The piano was not used and was taking up valuable seating space, so it was removed. In its place, comfortable chairs were selected to complement the cozy sofa. Swivel chairs finished the room on the opposite side.

The window treatments needed cleaner lines and the grey curtains added a touch of softness.

Since the entire first floor was outfitted with hardwood floors, adding an area rug gave this room a boost with a soft pattern that added another element of interest.

This became a true LIVING Room – a place for quiet reading or an area to have friends relax with the lovely couple who call this home.

We want to you to be enjoying your home and can take care of the details so that you can be comfortable – call us at 215.619.2999 to make it happen.

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